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2023  Panhellenic Executive Council

Jordan Mills 

Meet Jordan Mills! She is a Junior, majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. At FGCU, in her own chapter she served as Panhellenic Delegate for the year 2022. Here is a few words from Jordan why she loves Panhellenic,  

“Serving as Pan del this last year opened my eyes to the extraordinary community that has been built by the women of Panhellenic. I feel truly honored to be in a position that I can represent these strong leaders on campus. It has been an amazing experience to not only connect with women in the 7 organizations but also the FSL community. I am a proud panhellenic woman and am excited to have the opportunity to serve as an advocate for these women in the FGCU community.  

Anna Borden 
Vice President of Operations
Meet Anna Borden! She is a Sophomore majoring in Entrepreneurship and minoring in Real Estate and wants to pursue a career in Interior Design! Anna went through recruitment in the Fall of 2021, and it has helped her grow individually and professionally! Anna chose Panhellenic because, “Panhellenic was something that has helped me push myself and make connections that I cherish and hold close to my heart. I ran for VP of Operations because I wanted to build deeper connections and develop more leadership skills. I am so happy to be on this executive board and grow close to these women!”


Riley   Knight
Vice President of Internal Affairs


Meet Riley Knight! She is a Senior majoring in Psychology with a minor in Medical Humanities and looks to pursue a career in substance abuse/rehabilitation, working with people of all ages to fight addiction. Riley went through recruitment Fall of 2020, in the midst of Covid, and wouldn’t trade it for the world. Riley chose Panhellenic because “I felt heard and valued when having conversations, even with women I had just met. It was something I never experienced previously, and I knew I had found lasting relationships. I ran for VP of Internal Affairs because I wanted to continue my leadership within Panhellenic after being a Rho Gamma, as well as bring light to risk management topics we often shy away from.”

Alison Harbinsky 
Vice President of Membership
Meet Alison Harbinsky! She is a Junior, Nursing major, hoping to become a Pediatric Nurse after she graduates. Alison went through recruitment in Fall of 2020 and believes that becoming a Panhellenic woman has changed her life for the better. Alison was a recruitment counselor during the 2022 recruitment season and is now serving as the Vice President of Membership. Alison chose Panhellenic because “Panhellenic was a way for me to make connections outside of my own chapter. I ran for my position of VP of Membership to grow my leadership skills and to continue to connect with women throughout our community. I am so excited for what is to come this year with our 2023 Formal recruitment!”


Marykate  Farrelly
Vice President of Membership Development

Meet Marykate Farrelly. She is a Sophomore majoring in Biology. She is a member of PC 21’. Here are a few words from her on why she joined the Panhellenic community.

“I joined the Panhellenic community for the amazing support and sisterhood. I had always loved the idea of surrounding myself with people who build each other up and am so grateful to have found that in our Panhellenic community! I fell in love with the role of VPMD since I get to help raise money for our amazing philanthropy, Circle of Sisterhood which funds the education of young girls. I also get to plan programming events that bring our amazing community together!! I am so excited to serve on such an amazing executive board and cannot wait for the year ahead.”

Haley  Butler
Vice President of Internal Recruitment
Meet Haley Butler! She is a senior, dual majoring in Criminal Justice and Forensic Studies. At FGCU, she was a Rho Gamma in the 2022 formal recruitment! Here's a few words from Haley about why she chose to be a part of the Panhellenic Executive Council: "Being involved with Panhellenic has been an amazing opportunity for me to get to know others in the FSL community and create bonds with women in other organizations. As a Rho Gamma, I have met so many wonderful people and have grown so much. Panhellenic is truly a second home to me! I wanted to continue to grow and be able to give that opportunity to other women this year and I am so excited to be a leader for this Panhellenic community!"

Rachel Formosa
Vice President of Communications


Meet Rachel Formosa! She is a Junior majoring in Health Science and wants to pursue a career in Sonography working with expecting mothers! Rachel went through recruitment in the Fall of 2021, and it has changed her life in the best way possible. Rachel chose Panhellenic because, “Panhellenic has offered me a home away from home. It has brought me sisters from across the country and I have met some of my best friends for life. I ran for VP of Communications because I wanted to have a chance to develop my leadership skills and lead my community in a way that shows off how positively Panhellenic can influences women on a college campus.”

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